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“Mr. Evans has championed the concept of “therapeutic justice” focusing on jail diversion and re-entry thereby strengthening the integration of criminal justice and behavioral health care. He speaks nationally about improving system design and treatment services for persons with mental illness.”

National Health Policy Forum

Documented and Immediate Cost Avoidance, 8 Year Analysis 2008-2016

Cost CategoryYearCity of San AntonioBexar CountyDirect Cost Avoidance
Total Year 1-8$18,453,462 $78,287,016 $96,740,478
Public Inebriates Diverted from Detention FacilityYear 1-8$7,018,376 $32,092,472 $54,453,566
Injured Prisoner Diverted from UHS ERYear 1-8$3,715,000 $8,916,000 $12,631,000
Mentally Ill Diverted from UHS ER CostYear 1-8$3,345,000 $8,028,000 $11,373,000
Mentally Ill Diverted from Magistration FacilityYear 1-8$1,125,466 $7,431,464 $9,508,557
Reduction in Competency Restoration Wait Time in Jail for Hosp Admission
*Year 6-8 pending
Year 1-50$1,870,055 $4,462,055
Reduction in Wait Time in Jail for Outpatient Competence/Wait Time for Restoration compared to Inpatient
*Year 6-8 pending
Year 1-50$1,580,198 $3,308,198
Reduction in Jail Time for Competency Restoration on Bond and on Return
*Year 6-8 pending
Year 1-50$1,306,522 $1,519,522

Wichita, Kansas: Comcare And The Substance Abuse
Center Of Kansas

“The mention of Leon Evans and his work in San Antonio caught my eye. I just wanted to drop you a note to support your initiative to learn from what they achieved in San Antonio. Their longitudinal outcomes and use of data driven interventions to improve the health of that community have been remarkable. The journey has been steady, consistent, outcomes-oriented, and focused. Leon demonstrated the ability to collaborate and convene disparate parties around a common goal.”

Estimated Cost Avoidance 2016 (Year 1)

 Low EstimateHigh EstimateAverage
Community Crisis Center Services$3,823,664$5,735,495$4,779,580
Sobering/Detox Services$3,763,046$5,644,570$4,703,808

Estimated Cost Avoidance 2017 (Year 2)

 Low EstimateHigh EstimateAverage
Community Crisis Center Services$3,784,095$5,676,143$4,730,119
Sobering/Detox Services$5,916,608$8,874,912$7,395,760